About Papa

We empower fathers to connect to their children through unconditional play. Yes you heard that right! Unconditional play focused on nothing else except having fun and building a bond.

Our core beliefs are

1. Unconditional Play

Do you remember the first time you held your child in your arms? Did you have anything else in mind other than just basking in the joy of his/her existence?

Play is the window at which the child looks out to the world. We believe play should be a place where you can be with your child to see the world through the same pair of eyes.

Unfortunately, in our competitive and fast-paced society, play is continually undermined because we simply want so many things. We continuously layer additional expectations upon play. We reduce the window of play to make room or competing demands (e.g. Berries and "enrichment"); we try to "squeeze out more" of our money and time spent on play, by trying to purchase only "curated, sustainable, heirloom toys"; we expect children to learn through play. Through play, we expect our children to cultivate their curiosity; foster artistic creativity; learn to share; build resilience, develop open-mindedness, blah blah blah blah blah blah.

But play should not be a vessel of our expectations. 

At Picked by Papa, we champion play to be reduced to simplicity. We disagree with, and actively reject deliberate "learning through play".  

Papa says, "Just Play!"

(p.s. we carry STEM kits- these are to immerse in shared curiosity together, not because we believe in trying to teach scientific principles.)

2. Empowering Fathers

Just like mothers, fathers matter. Fathers make positive, significant and lasting impact on their children. Traditionally, fathers may be seen as taking up less of an active role in parenting, but the reasons for this are often cultural, transgenerational transmission and lack of confidence, rather than true nonchalence. 

We want to shout out to all fathers that you are appreciated just like mothers! We got you and we understand you! :)

3. Quirkiness

We have a keen eye for fun, quirky, whimsical and different toys which are under-represented in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Really, what is the point of us competing with Toys 'us or the other 7638744 toy stores? 

4. Transparency

We are transparent about the source of our toys and their safety certifications. We only represent reputable international brands. We do not purchase from Taobao and try to sell them to you at a marked up price (Cough,  ahem...)

5. Supporting Additional Needs

Children with special needs also need access to play. We carry products such as writing aids and sensory toys to cater to a range of additional needs.