The Importance of Playtime for Children: How Toys Help in Child Development

The Importance of Playtime for Children: How Toys Help in Child Development


Picked by Papa's range of interactive toys and games provides children with exciting opportunities for creative expression, cognitive development, and engaging play experiences. 

From coloring and inflating their cool toys to immersing themselves in giant coloring posters and enjoying toddler card games, children can explore their artistic abilities, enhance fine motor skills, and foster imagination and social interaction. 

These thoughtfully selected products from Picked by Papa are designed to bring joy, learning, and endless hours of fun to children's lives. By incorporating these interactive toys and games into playtime, parents and caregivers can support their child's holistic development and create lasting memories of imaginative play.

The Importance of Playtime for Kids

The Importance of Playtime for Kids

  • Using Our Brain Power Playtime makes our brains work hard. We get to solve problems, think critically, and make decisions. It's like a puzzle adventure that helps us become super smart!
  • It's a chance for us to learn how to cooperate, share, take turns, and solve problems together. We become great team players!
  • Talking and Telling Stories: Playtime helps us talk and communicate better. We can have cool conversations, tell amazing stories, and pretend to be different characters. Our words become super powerful!
  • Imagining and Creating: When we play with cool toys, we get to use our imagination and be super creative. We can be astronauts, princesses, or even superheroes. The possibilities are endless!

Toys by Picked by Papa's: Enhance Your Child's Playtime Delight 

Toys by Picked by Papa's: Enhance Your Child's Playtime Delight

Finger Crayons for Young Toddlers

Picked by Papa offers best finger crayons specially designed for young toddlers. Our crayons are easy to grip and allow children to explore their artistic side while developing fine motor skills. By using finger crayons, toddlers can enhance their hand-eye coordination, learn about colors, and express their creativity through drawing and coloring activities.

Glow in the Dark Poster: Grizzly Bear and Bunny

The glow-in-the-dark posters featuring a green grizzly bear and a pink bunny by Omy are captivating toys that encourage imagination and sensory exploration. 

Wooden Stacking Train - Christmas Theme

The wooden stacking train with a Christmas and winter theme is not only a fun toy but also promotes cognitive and motor skill development. Children with cool toys can engage in stacking and arranging the train cars while improving hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. The train's festive design adds an element of seasonal joy, making it an ideal gift during the holiday season.

Cork Building Blocks: Assorted Shapes and Colours, and Cork Building Blocks: Cuboids in Mixed Colours

Cork building blocks offered by Picked by Papa are excellent toys for encouraging creativity, problem-solving, and spatial skills. The assorted shapes and colors allow children to build and construct various structures, fostering imagination and logical thinking. The soft and lightweight nature of cork blocks ensures safety while promoting sensory exploration and tactile development.

Rainbow Felted Bowls - Set of 7 and Rainbow Play Mat

The rainbow-felted bowls and play mat are versatile toys that encourage open-ended play and stimulate a child's sensory development. The cool toy bowls can be used for sorting, stacking, and imaginative play, while the play mat provides a soft and colorful surface for various activities. Our toys promote color recognition, fine motor skills, and imaginative play, fostering a child's cognitive and social growth.

Color and Inflate Your Own Unicorn, 3D Rocket, Dinosaur, and Pirate Sword

The "Colour and Inflate Your Own" by Omy series allows children to unleash their creativity while creating unique toys. With these cool toy sets, children can color their own unicorn, rocket, dinosaur, or pirate sword using the included markers, and then watch as their creations come to life through inflation. Our activity promotes fine motor skills, artistic expression, and a sense of accomplishment as children engage in hands-on crafting and play.

Giant Colouring Posters: New York, Space and Cosmos, Dinosaurs, and Fantasy

Picked by Papa offers a variety of giant coloring DIY toy posters that immerse children in captivating worlds. From exploring the bustling streets of New York to venturing into the depths of space or encountering fantastical creatures, these posters provide hours of creative fun. Coloring these large-scale illustrations enhances fine motor skills, color recognition, and concentration, while also sparking imagination and storytelling.

Paper Placemats for Colouring: Vehicles and Bon Appétit

Mealtime becomes a delightful and engaging experience with Picked by Papa's paper placemats for coloring. The vehicle-themed placemats and Bon Appétit designs feature captivating illustrations that children can color while waiting for or enjoying their meals. Our placemats encourage creativity, improve fine motor skills, and promote a positive association with mealtime, making them a valuable addition to any family's dining routine.

Toddler Card Games: Animal Families and Jeu Battle

Picked by Papa offers interactive card games specially designed for toddlers. The Animal Families card game introduces young children to different animal species while stimulating memory, cognitive skills, and social interaction. On the other hand, the Jeu Battle card game provides a playful and educational experience suitable for on-the-go entertainment. Both games promote learning, concentration, and the development of important cognitive abilities.

Elevate Your Child's Joyful Experience with Picked by Papa

At Picked by Papa, we firmly believe in the extraordinary influence of diy toy play as the ultimate and most meaningful way to indulge in invaluable moments with your child. We place the utmost importance on a play that thrives independently, unfettered by any ulterior motives, allowing the unadulterated bliss and immersive engagement that springs forth from shared time.

In the current whirlwind of existence, where parents skillfully juggle an array of responsibilities, it becomes paramount to carve out pockets of undivided attention solely for our children. Play serves as a distinctive avenue for parents to forge profound connections with their little ones, nurturing a profound bond, fostering trust, and enveloping them in emotional intimacy.

Through play, children embark on an expedition of self-discovery, unraveling their creative prowess, honing problem-solving abilities, and unraveling the intricate tapestry of their being and the vast world that surrounds them. It propels their imagination to soaring heights, cultivates indispensable social skills, and champions physical activity. Furthermore, it grants parents an opportunity to traverse their child's realm, unveiling their individualistic passions, strengths, and perspectives.


Embark on an enchanting journey with Papa's Promotion, celebrating the enchantment of play and unearthing its profound impact on both your life and the life of your child. Let us treasure these moments, one playtime at a time.

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